Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Yunel Escobar should be an All-Star

The All-Star teams we announced on Sunday. As expected Yunel Escobar did not make it. I feel that he should have made it. Yunel Escobar is the short-stop for the Toronto Blue Jays for those of you who don’t follow baseball up here in Canada. He is an exceptional baseball player having a great season for the Blue Jays. I fully believe that he should be an all-star this season but he was snubbed. The two SS that did make it were Derek Jeter, and Asdrubal Cabrera. Escobar is a better player than both of these guys yet even if one of them can’t play in the All-Star game, for whatever reason, he won’t even be picked as a replacement because people feel that Johnny Peralta deserves it.  Escobar has a .363 on-base percentage which is second among AL SS by .002 to the Tigers Peralta.  He’s fourth in hits with 86, 1 behind Peralta and 14 behind the leader Cabrera.  He leads AL SS with 35 walks, 12 ahead of Jeter and Peralta, and 15 ahead of Cabrera.  What Escobar loses in hits he makes up for with his walks. This is a homer post as I have had the pleasure of watching Yunel every day, the numbers show that he may not be the best SS in the AL as I had thought but he is still one of the best and destroys Jeter in everything. I don’t want this to turn into a Jeter bashing post but I really think that Escobar should be their over Jeter. Heck Peralta should be there over Jeter. I don’t like this life time all-star crap, like if we wanted life time all-stars then why don’t we bring in Hank Aaron or another life time all-star and have them play. I also don’t like the “this is who the fans want to see.” Really when it comes down to it only Yankee fans want to see Jeter. Every team’s fans wants to see their guy in the game. Jeter only makes it because New York is so populated that they can out vote other teams fans. If this game is supposed to “count” I don’t want Derek Jeter and his .236/.320/.320 on my team. I have to believe that Ron Washington the manager of the AL squad feels the same way. If I’m picking a team of all-stars and I’m trying to win I’m taking Escobar, but if I want lots of fans to be happy I’m taking Jeter. And clearly MLB is taking the latter and going with the fans, and this should not be in a game that should “count.”
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