Tuesday, June 07, 2011

2011 MLB Entry Draft

I watched the first round and complementary round and it amazing to watch. I loved it. The MLB draft is so much different from the other three sports in the big 4 (NFL, NHL, and NBA). With the other three General Managers pick players that will help the club, guys that will have an immediate impact. It’s not like that for the MLB draft the guys that are being drafted; almost all of them won’t have an impact in the MLB for at least 2 years. Many draft picks take anywhere from 2-6 years to reach the majors. A lot can happen in that span, a player could get hurt, lose confidence, get into drugs and alcohol, etc. That’s why the MLB draft is such a gamble you never know how these players are going to perform years down the road.  With that being said here is my take on the 2011 MLB First Year Player Draft.
A Crazy First 6 picks
This was a wild first 6 picks. Many experts had the top 3 picks like this: Pirates taking UCLA right-hander Gerrit Cole. The Mariners taking Rice third baseman Anthony Rendon, and the Diamondbacks taking Trevor Bauer. Now of course this did not happen. The Pirates did take Cole and the D’Backs took Bauer but the Mariners surprised everyone and took Danny Hultzen a LHP out of Virginia. With the Orioles on the clock I expected them to take Rendon because many expecte predicted they would take Hultzen, but of course that didn’t happen. The O’s took high school RHP Dylan Bundy. The Royals then had a tough decision ahead of them do they take Rendon the top college hitter or take the local HS kid Bubba Starling. The Royals infamous for passing on local product Albert Pujols 12 times!!!  The Royals were not about to pass on another local kid and took Starling. The Nationals must have been surprised that Rendon fell to them. But they will take it and did selecting him 6th overall.
Thoughts on Blue jays Draft picks
The Jays had 6 picks in the first round and compensation round, second only to the Tampa Bay Rays. They held the 21st, 35th, 39th, 46th, 53rd, and 57th.
21-Tyler Beede-RHP-HS- He is committed to Vanderbilt and will be a tough sign. He has a strong arm, sitting at 91-92. Has good mechanics for a HS kid. Like the pick by AA, taking the best player available.
35- Jacob Anderson- OF-HS- Big Power guy, he was rated very highly and the experts on TV were a little surprised he was taken this high. The Jays scouts must like his bat a lot to draft him high.
46- Joe Musgrove-RHP-HS- He was a football player in school. He has a big body 6’5 230lbs which should hold up to the rigors of pitching every fifth day. Neat point he and I are exactly the same age, both of us born on December 4, 1992.
53- Dwight Smith Jr.- OF-HS- He is son of former major leaguer of the same name. He grew up around the game and has benefited from that. Has a professional approach at the plate but not a lot of power.  
57- Kevin Comer-RHP-HS- You can start to see a trend developing here, another big body pitcher (6’3 205). Clearly AA feels big pitchers are the way to go. Comer is another Vanderbilt recruit.
Notable Second round pick
74- Daniel Norris-LHP-HS – Widely considered the best HS lefty in the draft. Slipped to the second round because of sign ability concerns (is said to be seeking 4 million). The Jays do have money to spend and may have enough to sign him. It’s a good gamble to take and if he doesn’t sign the Jays get this pick back next draft.
Alex Anthopolous was very aggressive this draft. He stayed true to his word and took the best player available, rather than the player with the fastest rack to the majors. AA looked for players with high ceilings. He took players who will cost money to sign, but the Jays have money to sign after unloading the Vernon Wells contract. Yes most of that will go towards Jose Batista new contract but the rest of it will go towards the draft.
Other notes from the first round
It was really nice to see Larry Greene actually there. He was selected 39th overall by the Phillies. It was great to see him shake hands with everyone there and get the jersey. Nice to see him so happy when his name got called. And to share that moment with his dad such a special moment for him.
Scouts actually laughed when Zach Cone was selected 37th overall. Keith Law reported this (via twitter). That is hilarious I mean really this kid may amount to nothing but he may be a hall of famer. That’s the excitement of the draft we just don’t someone may not be good now but the Rangers obviously see something in him to draft him so highly.

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